What You Need to Know on the Dangers of Breast Surgery

Breast surgery has become one of the most popular and sought after surgeries in the world of cosmetic. More and more women with smaller bosom would want to go for breast surgeries as it is clear in our days that women with bigger breast cup are seen as more attractive and sex appealing. The big question about breast argumentation is: Are these women all aware of the danger of breast surgeries?

The after effect of these surgeries leaves a lot of women regretting even to have considered going for a breast argumentation in the first instance. Yes, we all agree to the fact that breast enhancement can increase a woman self confidence, personal pride and outward appearance. But one needs to ask if having an improved physical appearance is enough to make you put your life on the line.

There are enormous risk attached to cosmetic surgeries and of which breast argumentation and enhancement is one of them. Having a sound knowledge of the impending danger and risk involved in breast surgeries will help you make informed decision when opting for a breast surgery.

Most implants commonly used for breast surgeries are prone to breakage. The most popular of these implants are saline-filled or silicone gel. The result and the effect of broken implant can very risky as it has a lot of serious health implications. Breast implant and enhancement danger are not to be treated with kid gloves. They can result to very many illnesses. Researches now claim that breast implants and surgical problems can result to thyroid diseases.

The risk and problems of breast enhancements are not just limited to its obvious dangers but also the procedures involved during such surgeries. The level and experience of the surgeon who is to perform the surgery is also a very important factor to consider. His experience will also help to determine the overall safety of the surgery. There are a couple of scary stories for you to read up on breast surgery.

Another major area of concern about breast surgery is the healing process. There are a lot of pains and many a times various infections associated with breast argumentation surgeries. Some people suffer serious pains during recovery. Although, most of the recovery pains can be taken care of with the prescription of antibiotics, but truth is that it still doesn’t eliminate or reduce the risk of breast surgery.

The fact that some people may have successfully undergone such surgeries in the past should not be seen as a guarantee that you will also be that lucky. A lot of women want to look good and presentable regardless of what the consequences of such surgeries could be. Breast argumentation will give you that boost of pride and personal lift, but the pain of complications is usually more in case of any failure.

There is no doubting the fact that we all, both male and female wish to always look our best any time. But there is need to strike a balance between the risk level of what we intend to go into and the pleasure that comes with such self achievement.

The Dangers of Independence

Independence is a state of not relying on anyone for things that you used to desire help from others for. When you were a child you used to rely on your mother for food, clothing, shelter and so on. Your mother dictated who you were to meet, what you needed to be doing at any given time. Your calendar was set. She could even spell out the friends you must drop and those you can take on. She could even tell you the subjects you need to become interested in and so on. There comes a time when you become mature and your reliance on your mother is less and less. Your mother also lets you loose as she sees you take more and more responsibility over your own affairs. There are some grown up babies however who still decide not to take the independence granted for a long time even beyond the age of forty. Every decision has to be authorized by mum first. As a nation, business, individual, we get to experience independence at various levels. Sad to say, this facility suffers at the hands of those with no idea what they have on hand. Some abuse the facility to the degree that those who are supposed to enjoy the independence get into a new level of bondage and oppression.

Some of the dangers

- Experiments that are costly – Soon after being granted the liberty, someone who was in bondage would like to catch up on all missed opportunities and potential benefits they could have fore-gone by being under the rule of someone. Children try on drugs, jump into sex and try all kinds of mischief all because the leash is no longer as tight. This is a dangerous point in life as some decisions and actions made therein leave an indelible negative mark in one’s life story and character.

- Total disregard for fellowship – With independence comes a spirit of saying “now I am mu own man or woman, I don’t need anyone”. I have seen young people diving into a realm of lone-walking, creating their own little worlds which remain a close guarded secret for all that know them. Fellowship is necessary for out of it flows sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge.

- Taking others for granted – Independence may lead to someone not regarding others as important or not giving people befitting of certain official recognition their place in life. It is easy to take others for granted unintentionally. You may not plan it but you simply act on it.

- Pride and thinking highly of oneself – When one is granted some level of independence, they can easily grow a big head and seek to always prove that others are not really important any longer. Pride precedes and prominent fall. No matter the complexion of a fall, it remains ugly hence it must be avoided. Never think so highly of yourself to the level that others become nonentities in your own sight. This is very dangerous.

- Low passion for cooperation – If you are granted independence, you are likely to desire to see your own output rather than things done collectively. Cooperation may dilute the impact you feel you can make as a loner. This is all in your own eyes as you seek to show that you deserved to be independent.

- Abuse of freedom – Independence without a reason can generally suffer abuse. People take advantage of any gray-areas or where there is silence and they begin to make those areas their core values. Never abuse independence bestowed on you. Take it with both hands as a privilege not a right and treat the one who has given you the independence with respect. They don’t lose their worth because they gave you the independence you so much desired or wanted. They remain valuable. Abuse of freedom comes mostly where the purpose of the independence is not highlighted.

Rabison Shumba is a young African entrepreneur who has interests in Information and Communication Technology, Agriculture and Mining. He is also a motivational speaker, trainer and author. His book, The Greatness Manual and various online articles are tools for personal and professional development. Together with 100 other Career Experts, Rabison co-authored the 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career. Rabison has a personal vision of impacting the lives of children in marginalized communities by creating platforms for career counsel and guidance, information empowerment and capacity building through the Greatness Factory Trust, where he currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Acting Executive Director. He is actively involved in the organization of career enhancement and guidance colloquiums to propel and inspire both young and mature professionals to greatness. His areas of expertise include strategy, leadership, personal and professional development. Rabison is married to Jackie, and they have two daughters. They reside in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The Dangers and the Legal Consequences of Sexting

Before hitting the ‘send’ button on their mobile phones or the ‘enter’ key on their keyboard, teenagers need to be cautioned to first consider the dangers of sexting.

They need to consider that once they break up with that partner, is it something that can be used against them. They might not think so now…but they need to consider whether they would be happy for this picture they are sending to be seen by everyone, because this can and does happen. Once a picture has been sent it is out of their control and it can be used to hurt them.

Teens also need to realize that when it comes to sexting, the law is getting involved

Sexting and the Law

Nude images found on a mobile phone involving a teen or their circle of friends may automatically fall under child pornography as defined by law. In other words, the act of taking, sending, receiving as well as distributing of those sexual images, under the law, may constitute different levels of child pornography charges.

The dangers of sexting and its legal risks have been manifested already in some cases of arrests, criminal charges and convictions of teenagers. Imprisonment as well as compulsory sex offender registration may be one of the outcomes – not something anyone would wish upon their teen.

Although there those that may think that sexting among teenagers should not be a major concern, teens and their parents directly involved in the consequences of sexting, I suspect, would have a different point of view. Sexting can have huge ramifications on a young person’s future.

Know this – once an image is out there – it is very difficult to get it back.

Many teenagers may see sexting as just a bit of fun or a way to impress their partner or a potential partner. However, they need to realize that sexting can not only damage a reputation, be humiliating, but may also lead to legal consequences. As a parent you can help them avoid this…

Parents Standing in the Gap

Parents – it is very important that you talk to your child about sexting, that you warn them of the dangers, the legal consequences and how it may damage their future – show them examples in the news of teens that now have damaged lives due to sexting. It is also important that you keep up to date with what they are doing online, be proactive – for example: on Facebook, like your child’s page, so that you see what they are posting…if they know you are looking then they are less likely to post revealing pictures.

It is unfortunate that most teens take these legal ramifications lightly. Oftentimes, they realize its gravity when it is too late. Therefore, as a parent you need to address the real possibility as well as the likelihood that if your teen sends nude or semi-nude pictures in any form of media it could end up with the whole world viewing them.